Gregory Nathan Johnson. Conceptual/Figurative Painter

Gregory Nathan Johnson is a visual artist and lecturer at the University of Wisconsin Colleges – Richland Center. Mr. Johnson’s artwork focuses primarily on figurative painting and exploration of the ethics of contemporary art. This analysis is sought while being aware of his own implicit connection within his own critiques. His work has appeared in numerous exhibitions in Michigan and Wisconsin. Beyond conceptual figure painting Mr. Johnson is also an illustrator/graphic artist.

A Short Artist Statement

My current work is researching self-reflexivity. As a theme it allows me to explore concepts of social behavior, where the self is both actor and spectator simultaneously. Self-reflexive behavior, being self-reflective, can have a positive effect in correcting undesired personal behavior. It can also quickly degrade into self-obsession, a disparaging Mise en Abîme. I use these themes to build unlikely and awkward pictures within pictures. I describe my work as "paradoxes and circular thought made literal with a taste for the traditions of oil painting." In addition, my paintings make comments on comments of art-historical work past and present. Being human is difficult and sometimes we just need to laugh and remain serious at the same time. My work is carefully constructed with a respect for the technical skill of representational painting while representing the complexities of the human condition.